Best Miter Saw Blade for Picture Framing (2021)

Are you looking for the best miter saw blade for picture framing? If yes, then you are exactly in the right place. I know selecting the right type of blade for picture framing projects can be quite difficult especially when you are a complete beginner.

There are so many products available on the market that will leave you confused when it comes to selecting the right one. However, you shouldn’t worry at all because I have got you completely covered with my guide.

After doing a lot of research on the market, and analyzing a few available options, I was able to shortlist some options for my best miter saw blade for picture framing list.

After reading this article, you will be able to pick your miter saw blade for the picture framing projects. In addition to this, you will also learn about the main points to keep in mind while selecting the right miter saw blade for such kind of projects.

So without any further ado, let’s jump into my list of the best miter saw blade for picture framing.

Best Overall

best overall Miter saw blade


  • Excellent for hardwood,
  • Durable build quality
  • smoother and efficient performance

Quick Summary of the Article

Best Miter Saw Blade for Picture Framing 

1. DEWALT 10-Inch Miter / Table Saw Blades DW3106P5

miter Saw Blades DW3106P5
DW3106P5 Miter Saw Blade for Picture Framing

The first one on my list of recommendations is the DW3106P5. It proves to be one of the best miter saw blade for picture framing due to so many qualities. The first thing that I like the most about this blade is its overall build quality. 

It consists of high-quality material that makes it quite long-lasting and well-performing. You will fall in love with the tungsten carbide-based structure once you start using it. It stays sharper for an extended period and continues to provide the same quality for years. 

Though it doesn’t mean that the blade is invincible and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The manufacturer has done a splendid job by making it a computer-balanced blade. It helps so much in reducing the vibrations and provides increased performance. 

The blade features a thin kerf that helps in faster and smoother cutting. It will help you in producing ultra-smooth and quality cuts for your picture framing projects. Moreover, the blade is compatible with sliding as well as a non-sliding miter saw which makes it a decent choice. 

It will help you in finishing all kinds of jobs easily whether you are working on DIY projects or professional ones. 


  • Excellent for hardwood, chipboard, softwood, and plywood
  • Durable build quality
  • smoother and efficient performance
  • Easy to sharpen
  • produce little debris during cutting


  • limited to miter saws mostly
  • May cause splinters on the backside

2. Oshlun SBFT-160048 48 Tooth FesPro Crosscut ATB Saw Blade

Oshlun SBFT-160048 48 Tooth FesPro Crosscut ATB Saw Blade

Another Top quality blade on our list of recommendations is the Oshlun SBFT-160048. It can also be a good option when looking for the best miter saw blade for picture framing. There are few things that make it stand out from the crowd. 

The first thing is that the blade is compatible with a large number of different models. It makes the blade pretty much universal and suitable for different tasks. Apart from that, it features a decent build quality that makes it pretty outstanding. 

It consists of a professional grade C-3 Carbide that makes it a well-performing one. The tungsten carbide tips are sharp enough to rip through anything. At the same time, they are able to produce super smooth cuts. 

This allows you to make amazing picture frames without using any additional tools. Another thing that I love about this blade is its ultra-thin kerf. It makes the blade suitable for different tasks.

Moreover, it is an affordable blade which means everyone can purchase and use it to get the best outcomes on their projects.

I highly recommend using it on Hardwood, Softwood, and Melamine as it works great with such kinds of material. Moreover, you get a 5 degrees hook angle on this blade which is again a plus point for picture framing. 

Blades with positive hook angles are the ones that work smoothly and fastly on different kinds of material. However, you need to be careful about the hook angle as some blades try to throw the subjects at the operator. Serious injuries can occur under such conditions. 


  • A perfect backup Blade
  • Durable and affordable
  • Smooth performance


  • A bit off balance

3. WEN BL1280 12-Inch 80-Tooth Woodworking Saw Blade

WEN BL1280 12-Inch 80-Tooth Woodworking Saw Blade
WEN BL1280

WEN is also a top choice for those who are looking for the best miter saw blade for picture framing. It comes with a bunch of cool features that make it stand out from the crowd. First of all, I love its overall design and build quality. 

The blade possesses a premium quality finishing and ultra-durable construction that makes it very reliable. At the same, it is super powerful which allows it to cut through anything in its way with ease. 

It is a 12-inch blade which makes it a pretty decent choice for those 12-inch miter saws. In addition to this, the blade features an extremely thin kerf which allows it to be as smooth as butter while cutting pieces for picture frames. 

Moreover, the blade features 80 carbide-tipped teeth that makes it a good choice for fine-finish wood cutting. It will add a professional touch to your projects will definitely please you with its outcome. 

Though people using 10 inch miter saw may not be quite happy with it. It is because the blade isn’t suitable for that saws. The best thing that makes this blade my favorite is its compatibility with different saws. You can either use it with your miter saw, circular saw, or a Jobsite saw.


  • Works surprisingly well on sliding compound miter saws
  • No wobble and super smooth cutting
  • It doesn’t burn the wood like other blades
  • Affordable


  • Limited to 12 inch miter saws only

4. TWIN-TOWN 12-Inch Saw Blade

TWIN-TOWN 12-Inch Saw Blade
Twin Town blade

Twin-Town can also be a good choice when it comes to the best miter saw for picture framing. The blade comes with remarkable build quality and awesome finishing that makes it a perfect choice. 

There are a lot of things that make this blade my favorite and recommended one. First of all, it is available in so many different sizes that eliminates the size restriction on different miter saws. 

Apart from that, The blade is quite durable as it consists of premium construction grade C4 tungsten. In addition to this, the carbide teeth enhance its overall performance and make it a much better choice in 2020. 

Whether you are crosscutting a softwood or making those smooth miter cuts on plywood you will get the best of its performance. Moreover, the blade allows you to use it on miter saws and table saws and can reach up to 5000 RPM. 

This is excellent when it comes to finishing the project much quickly and efficiently. The Kerf on the miter saw isn’t that thick which is another positive point. It allows you to make those smooth bevel cuts like a pro without any issue.


  • Premium quality construction
  • Reliable for most of the projects
  • Smooth cutting 
  • Doesn’t leave burning marks on the wood
  • A superb choice for picture framing


  • Lacks laser-cut relief lines

5. Freud D1280X Diablo 12-Inch 80 Tooth Blade

Freud D1280X Diablo 12-Inch 80 Tooth Blade
Daiblo Freud blade

The next blade on my list of recommendations is the one that you may have probably heard about before. If not then don’t worry at all because I am going to give you a brief overview of it. The D1289X can be a great option if you are looking for the best miter saw blade for picture framing. 

It features some excellent qualities that make the blade stand out from the whole crowd. The first and then most important thing that I like about this blade is its reliable structure. The blade works like a charm for years without any issue. 

It is because it consists of a premium quality Titanium structure that makes it long-lasting without any issue. At the same time, the carbide teeth allow it to cut through any kind of subject like butter.

It will keep providing you the best of its performance without disappointing you at all. Apart from that, it can work on both sliding miter saws as well as dual bevel miter saws perfectly. 

The next thing that I like the most about this blade is its ultra-thin kerf. This is actually very helpful for producing some smooth cuts for professional projects.

Another thin advantage of the thin kerf is that it allows the blade to be faster and accurate at the same time. You won’t get any chunks or splinters at the backside of the cuts. 

This makes it even cooler for DIY projects as well. Another thing that I like the most about this blade is its nonstick perma-shield coating. It resists heat and allows the blade to stay cool and in good working condition all the time. 

At the same time, it reduces the pitch build-up that makes it very handy. It is probably one of the most stabilized blades that have minimum vibrations during working on the projects. This makes the blade quite reliable and easy to use on different kinds of projects.


  • Can be used with a 12-inch radial arm saw
  • Cleaner outputs
  • Strong and durable build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Minimum vibrations


  • Not recommended for laminate floors

6. Hitachi 115435 10” 60T Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Blade

Hitachi 115435 10” 60T Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Blade
Hitachi 115435

Last but not least I have the Hitachi 115435 10 inch blade on my list of recommendations. The blade features some exceptional qualities that makes it a best choice for different kinds of project. 

You might have already heard about Hitachi that they don’t compromise on quality when it comes to powertools and accessories. It’s actually ture when you look at this blade’s quality. The blade features a durable structure that consists of premium quality Japanese steel which adds to its sturdiness. 

Apart from that, there are cool laser cuts on the blade which prove to be quite helpful for a number of different reasons. It helps in dissipating heat and spreading the noise equally to keep the blade in a good working condition. Apart from that it also prevents the blade from wobbling and keeps it in a steady state. 

This improves the overall accuracy and lets you work on any kind of project without any issue. Oh! I almost forgot to mention that the blade is coated with Electrophoresis which protects it from rusting and other environmental issues. It prevents oxidation on the surface of the blade which increases the overall performance and lifespan of the blade. 

The blade possesses large micro-grain carbide teeth that let you resharpen it whenever you want. This way you can get the most out of your tool without having to spend money on a new one any sooner.


  • Sharp teeth allows it to produce super accurate cuts
  • Reliable performance even after years of usage
  • High affordable blade
  • Can be resharpen easily


  • Might need a bit of adjustment of the fence on sliding miter saws.

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Picture Framing Blade

Picture framing is a delicate and precise craft. The miter saw blade you use can make or break your project, so it’s important to choose the right one.

It may seem like there are too many choices, but by following these tips, you’ll be able to find the best miter saw blade for picture framing quickly and easily!

Blade Diameter

The first thing to keep in mind while choosing a blade is the diameter. Miter saw blades are available in different sizes ranging from 7 1/2 to 12 inches.

Whenever you are working with delicate projects such as picture framing then you should pick your blade diameter carefully.

It is hard to work with a blade that is too small, but it’s also difficult to use one that is oversized.

When cutting picture framing strips for example then you should go with a 10 or 12-inch blade. It will be easier to guide the board through these blades and they’ll give better results in less time than when using smaller ones.

kerf Size of the Blade

The kerf size of the blade refers to how much material is removed with every cut. If you are cutting a picture frame strip, it is best to use a blade with a smaller kerf size. Smaller kerf size means that the blade can cut without leaving anything behind.

Boards that are a foot long or more will need to be cut with a saw that has a large kerf size. This allows the blade to go through the board quickly without cutting too much off in one pass.

A blade’s size is measured by its width and thickness: Width refers to the length of the blade from side to side and thickness refers to the width of the blade from front to back.

Hook Angle of the Blade for Picture Framing

The hook angle of the blade (also known as the rake) is how many teeth protrude from its surface. A blade with a large degree of hooks will likely leave sawdust behind on your workpiece while cutting it.

Blades with smaller degrees of hook angles are best for cutting thinner pieces of wood because they require less pressure and time to make cuts in them.

Number of Blade Teeth for Picture Framing

The number of teeth on the blade is another important consideration for picture framing. The more teeth, the smoother and cleaner cuts you can make in your workpiece with less effort.

A blade with fewer teeth will be better at cutting thicker pieces of wood because it requires more pressure and time to make a cut through them or they may not cut at all.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do you cut a picture frame with a miter saw

cutting picture frame with a miter saw might be easier than you think. Miter saw is probably the best tool for the project however the project might not be that easy. With that being said, you don’t need to worry about anything at all as I am going to explain it in simple steps below.

1. Find a good piece of wood for the project
2. Cut a small portion of it and attach a short strip to its side
3. Use the block with the strip that you just cut for accurate measurements
4. Clamp the board against the fence of the saw
5. Set your miter saw to 45 degree angle
6. Ensure accuracy with a measuring tool
7. Start cutting

What kind of saw do I need to make picture frames

There are different kinds of saws available on the market that you can use for picture frames.

However, the one with the best results is of course a miter saw.
It allows you to make accurate cuts and that too easily and in a much better way. Apart form that miter saws are also quite reliable tools as you get so many different adjustment options. 

This increases the overall performance and makes the project very easy to finish.

What angle do I cut for picture frame

45 degree angle is mostly what most picture frames need. Such type of cut allows you to join different pieces together easily. 

At the end these joints will look super smooth and much better in a combined form. However, you need to ensure accuracy throughout the project. It is because a slight bit of deviation in an angle can lead to ruining the whole project. 

Of course some people try to adjust the errors in the cuts but to be very honest it only reduces the lenght of the wood which is totally an unwanted situation.

How do you join a picture frame miter

Once you have produced some accurate 45 degree angled cuts then there are different ways to join picture frame miter. One of the most common methods is to paint them with a woodworking marker and glue them together. 

If you don’t want to use glue then you can use some thin headed nails for the project as well. Either way you can join picture frame miter without any issue however, the approach depends on your needs and requirements.


Selecting the best miter saw blade for picture framing can be quite challenging sometimes. My uncle and I had been through such a problem and we can understand how annoying the situation can be. 

In order to save you from such a situation I did some research on the issue. During my study I analyzed some blades available on the market. After a careful analysis and checking pros and cons of each blade I was able list a few of them here. 

I am sure you will have selected your miter saw blade for picture framing by now. However, if you are still struggling with making the right decision then let me help you. In my opinion and after doing a lot of internet on the internet, the DEWALT DW3106P5 is a perfect option. 

If you want me to add anything extra to this article to make it more helpful please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts as well because my goal is to make this article a proper guide that can help people seleting the best miter saw blade for picture framing.  

Jack Logan is a student of MS Global Navigation Satellite System who spends his free time researching and writing articles, many of which are geared towards helping people. His favorite power tools are miter saws and impact wrenches Read More About Jack

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