Can a Chainsaw Flywheel Go Bad? – (Read This First)

If you’ve ever had your chainsaw die on you in the middle of a cut, you know how frustrating it can be. It’s even more frustrating when you can’t figure out why it died. One possible culprit is a bad flywheel. In this article, we’ll explore whether or not a chainsaw flywheel can go bad and what you can do to fix it.

So can a chainsaw flywheel go bad? A chainsaw flywheel can go bad for a number of reasons. First, the flywheel can be damaged if the chainsaw is dropped or hit. Additionally, the flywheel can become unbalanced over time from use, causing it to vibrate and eventually break. 

Now you must be wondering what would happen if a chainsaw flywheel goes bad and whether or not you can replace it with a new one. Well, don’t worry as you have stepped into the right place. 

In this article, I will answer one of the most commonly asked questions on different forums i.e. can a chainsaw flywheel go bad?

I will also tell you some interesting things such as what are the main reasons behind its damages, how to fix it and whether or not you can replace it with a new one.

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What Does the Chainsaw Flywheel Consist of?

The flywheel is what provides momentum to keep the engine running. It consists of a metal disk with teeth around the edge that mesh with the chain. There is also a magnet on the flywheel that interacts with the coil in the ignition system to create a spark (1).

You must be wondering why the flywheel has a magnet. The reason is that it is required to complete the electrical circuit in order to produce the spark necessary for ignition.

It can be made of steel, cast iron, or aluminum. The magnet in the flywheel is not a permanent magnet but one that is created by the flow of electricity through the coil.

Can a Chainsaw Flywheel Go Bad

While a chainsaw flywheel might seem like a simple piece of equipment, it actually can go bad due to a few different reasons. One reason is if the flywheel becomes unbalanced. This can happen if the saw is dropped or if something gets caught in the blades, causing them to stop abruptly (2).

An unbalanced flywheel will cause the saw to vibrate excessively and can eventually damage the engine. Another reason a flywheel can go bad is if the key that holds it in place becomes damaged or broken.

This key is what keeps the flywheel from spinning on its own, so if it breaks, the flywheel will spin out of control and can damage the engine (3). Finally, flywheels can also go bad simply from wear and tear over time.

Chainsaw chain and other engine parts

What Happens to a Chainsaw When The Flywheel Goes Bad?

When a chainsaw’s flywheel goes bad, the saw won’t start. The flywheel is responsible for providing momentum to the saw blade, and when it isn’t working properly, the blade can’t get moving.

A broken chainsaw flywheel can happen to even the most experienced users. When the flywheel goes bad, it can cause the chainsaw to overheat, seize up, and eventually break down. In some cases, a broken chainsaw flywheel can even be dangerous, so it’s important to know what to do if it happens to you.

If you’re using your chainsaw and notice that it starts to overheat or smoke, turn it off immediately. These are signs that the flywheel is going bad. Once the flywheel cools down, inspect it for cracks or damage. If you see any damage, replace the flywheel with a new one.

If your chainsaw seizes up while you’re using it, don’t try to force it. This can cause more damage to the flywheel and make the problem worse.

Can a Chainsaw Run Without a Flywheel?

No, a chainsaw can’t run without a flywheel because the flywheel is an integral part that does most of the work during a chainsaw operation.

A chainsaw flywheel is responsible for providing rotational force to the cutting chain. Without it, the chainsaw would not be able to function. The flywheel is connected to the crankshaft, which is turned by the engine’s pistons.

As the crankshaft turns, so does the flywheel. This rotating force is then transferred to the cutting chain, which helps it move along the guide bar.

The flywheel can go bad if it becomes damaged or warped. If this happens, it can cause the chainsaw to vibrate excessively or even stop working altogether. In some cases, a damaged flywheel can also cause the engine to overheat.

Can a Damaged Chainsaw Flywheel be Fixed?

If your chainsaw’s flywheel is damaged, don’t despair, it can be fixed. The fix is not difficult, but it does require some specific tools and knowledge. With the right technique and a compatible flywheel, your chainsaw will be as good as new.

To fix a damaged chainsaw flywheel, you’ll need:

  • A new flywheel that’s compatible with your chainsaw model
  • A set of feeler gauges
  • A set of wrenches
  • A hammer
  • A chisel
  • A file

Start by removing the old flywheel. Be careful not to damage any other parts of the saw while you’re doing this. Next, clean up the area where the flywheel was mounted. This will make it easier to install the new flywheel.

Make sure that your new flywheel is compatible with your chainsaw. If it’s not, the engine will not run properly. You can do this by reading the manual for your chainsaw or consulting a repair professional in person. Once you have verified compatibility, install the new flywheel.

Can a flywheel lose magnetism?

A chainsaw flywheel is a large, round metal disc with teeth that helps keep the chain moving. The flywheel is rotated by the engine and spins at a high speed.

The flywheel can lose magnetism if it becomes damaged or if the magnets become worn out. If this happens, the chainsaw will not run properly and may even stop working altogether.

There are a few reasons why a chainsaw flywheel loses its magnetism. The main reason is that the flywheel can become damaged by impacts. This will cause the magnet inside of it to break or lose its magnetism. When a flywheel is damaged, you must replace it with a new one.

How Often Can a Chainsaw Flywheel Go Bad?

If you’re a chainsaw user, you know that a properly working flywheel is essential for the saw to function. But how often does a chainsaw flywheel actually go bad?

To be honest, I have never experienced any issue with my Husqvarna chainsaw’s flywheel in the past 7 years or so. Apart from that, during my research, I noticed that most users have reported it to be a rare issue.

If your chainsaw is not starting then the first thing you need to suspect is the fuel mix. The next thing should be the spark plug of your saw. Flywheel is the last thing that can cause issues and that too in the rarest cases.

Final Words!

So Can a Chainsaw Flywheel Go Bad? Well, it might not happen very often but yes, a chainsaw flywheel can go bad and it can be a disastrous situation when it happens.

Being an integral part of the chainsaw mechanism, the flywheel is responsible for generating a spark and making the chainsaw run. Once the flywheel gets damaged the saw will have a very hard time starting as there will hardly be any spark.

If your chainsaw flywheel gets damaged, which mostly happens when a chainsaw is dropped or hit by something, then there is no need to worry. You can easily replace the bad flywheel of the saw with a new one.

I hope after reading this article, you have found an answer to your question.

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