Cordless Vs Corded Miter Saw: Which One Is Better and When?

Looking for a detailed comparison between cordless vs corded miter saw? If yes then you have come to the right place. 

When it comes to cutting wood, both cordless and corded miter saws have their pros and cons. A cordless miter saw is more portable than a corded one, but not as powerful. 

On the other hand, a corded miter saw provides more power than its battery-powered counterpart while still being highly mobile. So which one should you choose? This article will help you decide!

Let’s see some main features of both corded and cordless miter saws first. 

Features of Corded Miter Saw

cordless vs corded miter saw

Corded miter saws have a few advantages over cordless ones. They are more powerful and generally cheaper than their battery-powered counterparts.

The main disadvantage of this type of saw is the cord which limits its mobility, but for some people, it’s not an issue at all so it just depends on your preferences. 

A big plus is that you don’t need to worry about charging or replacing batteries as they always work when plugged in. 

Besides that, most models come with long cables that will allow you to reach distant objects without having to unplug them from an outlet every time. 

Here are some features specific to these tools:

Blade changing mechanism: On average, corded miter saw blade changing mechanisms are easier than those found on cordless models.

Dust extraction system: Corded miter saws are usually more powerful, which makes their dust collection systems better than those of cordless ones. 

Weight and size: This type of saw is generally heavier and bulkier to carry around so if portability is your top priority then a cordless model would be the perfect choice for you.

Cost of the Tool: cordless models are usually cheaper than corded ones, which is why most people opt for them because they think that the savings will be worth it. 

If you have a tight budget and don’t plan on using your saw very often then cordless might work better

Features of Cordless Miter Saw

In contrast to the corded power miter saw, here are some features of a cordless one. After that we will take a look at some similarities and then differences of the two devices. I am sure this will help you understand both types of miter saws pretty well. 

Cordless: cordless miter saws are a great option for those who don’t plan on using their tool very often. 

Weight and size: these models usually weigh less than corded ones, which is an advantage if you’re working in confined spaces like inside your house or workshop. 

Cost of the Tool: this type of model costs significantly less than its corded counterpart so they make sense for people with tight budgets but want to have access to a powerful cutting machine when needed. 

If portability isn’t your top priority then this might be just the right choice for you considering it will save you money in the long run.

 Battery Life: battery life varies from one electric saw to another but you can expect to get around 30-35 minutes of use without the need to recharge.

Similarities Between Corded and Cordless Miter Saw

Here are some general features that are similar in both corded and cordless miter saws

Compatible Material: both types of saws are compatible with a wide range of materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. You just need to mount the right type of blade for the project. 

For example, if you are cutting metal with your cordless or corded miter saw you will have to use a carbide tip blade for better results. 

Variable Cutting Angles: corded miter saws allow you to adjust the cutting angle while cordless ones do not but they still offer different angles to choose from so it’s only fair that I include them here.

Safety Features: most electric tools come with their own safety features in mind so this is true for corded and cordless miter saws too. Both versions come with kickback protection, blade guard, and blade locking which makes them safe for anyone who wants to use them. 

Main Differences Between Cordless vs Corded Miter Saw

Just as I mentioned earlier, there are a few things that differentiate the cordless miter saw from the corded ones. Although both tools have some similarities but here are a few things that make them different. 

  • Cordless miter saws are smaller and lighter – corded ones offer more power
  • Cordless tools do not require any type of wiring so this means that you can work anywhere near an outlet. For the corded version, however, they need a 120V electrical supply to run their motor 
  • The storage capacity for cordless versions is also higher because there’s less space taken up by cables while with electric models these usually take up quite a lot of room in your garage or workshop if you don’t have enough outlets around it.

Cordless Miter Saw: Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons of a cordless miter saw:


  • Cordless tools are smaller and lighter which makes them easier to carry around. They can be used anywhere near an outlet – you don’t need any wiring at all, just plug it in and go for your project with no hassle of having to find a power source so long as there’s still energy left on the battery pack 
  • Cordless versions have more storage capacity because they’re less prone to clutter from cables cluttering up shop or garage space than electric models that usually take up quite a lot of room if you don’t have enough outlets around it 


  • Batteries die out eventually making work stop midway through while with electric models once the cord is plugged in, work can continue  indefinitely

Corded Miter Saw: Pros and Cons

Apart from the pros and cons of a cordless miter saw here are a few positives and negatives about the corded one.


  • Corded saws are more powerful and easier to control because they’re not limited by the power from a battery 
  • Cordless models can be less reliable in terms of staying charged, it’s harder on their engines, but corded ones have solid cords that never run out of juice so you know there’ll always be enough power for your projects 


  • The cord is a safety hazard as well since if someone trips over it while working at an angle with this tool then work will stop. With electric tools, once the cord is plugged in, work can continue indefinitely without interruption even when people trip all over them or bump into tables nearby – just something to keep in mind with these types of machines. 

Which One to Choose Corded or Cordless Miter Saw?

Cordless or corded, which one to choose? It all depends on what kind of projects you plan to do and the environment in which you’ll be working. 

Cordless models can be less reliable in terms of staying charged, it’s harder on their engines. But corded ones have solid cords that never run out of juice so you know there’ll always be enough power for your projects.  

For small home improvement and DIY projects, I would recommend getting a  cordless one, while for larger or more challenging projects where precision is a big concern I would recommend getting corded. 

If you are in an area with lots of power cuts then the best option might be to get the cordless one. It is because once you charge it then the tool will give you enough backup till the power comes again. 

Last Minute Thoughts 

For most beginners, it is very hard to decide which one to choose when it comes to cordless vs corded miter saw.  I have explained the main features, similarities, and differences between both tools. 

Apart from that, I have also mentioned the main pros and cons of both devices that will help you understand them better. 

If you are just starting out and want to get a tool for small home improvement or DIY projects then I would recommend a cordless. 

But if you plan on doing larger, more challenging projects with precision that is really important then it might be better to go corded. Keep in mind that cordless ones have limited power so they’ll need charging eventually. 

While the cords of corded ones will never run out of juice which can make them a good choice. If I had to choose one right now though, my vote goes for corded!

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