Why Does My Miter Saw Blade Wobble?

Why does my miter saw blade wobble? A miter saw blade wobbles when it is not aligned correctly with the slot in the table. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as worn out parts or misalignment. 

Whatever the cause, this article will show you how to identify and fix a blade that wobbles on your miter saw. After reading this guide you will be able to fix your saw and continue working on your projects without any issue at all. 

So without any further ado and wasting any more time, let’s see what are the main causes of blade wobble on a miter saw. Once you figure out the causes of the problem it will be easy to fix it then. 

What Causes a Miter Saw Blade to Wobble

There are a number of reasons that cause a miter saw blade to wobble. However, I will mention a few common ones here in this article. I am sure one of these will be causes problems to your miter saw. 

why does my miter saw blade wobble?

Misalignment of the Arbor Holes and the blade

One of the most common reasons for blade wobble is a misalignment between the arbor holes and the blade. This usually happens when you are installing or removing your saw blades and leaves little space in between, causing it to shift on its own.  

This can happen when tightening down the arbor nut, causing it to move. You may also have a loose blade coupling that needs adjustment or replacement.

Bad Bearings 

Another common reason behind a wobbling miter saw blade is a bad bearing. If you have seen a wobble in your blade before, it may be because the bearings are worn out and need to be replaced. 

This can happen on either side of the blade, so it is important to check both sides before deciding you need new bearings. Replace your bearings with a high-quality one made from porous metal or solid brass. Also, make sure that there are no gaps in between each bearing and its housing. You can also purchase some lubricant for long-lasting performance

Damaged Bushing 

Apart from the bad bearings, a damaged bushing can also cause a wobbling miter saw blade. If you notice any wear or damage on the bushing, it needs to be replaced with a new one. 

To change your bushings, start by removing them from their slots and then remove all old lubricant from the bearing surfaces. Once done, apply some grease to both sides of the bushing and insert it back into the slot without any gaps. 

Prior to fitting a new bushing, make sure that it is the right size for your miter saw blade and type of material. For example, if you are using solid brass bushings then use those instead of porous metal ones because they will last longer.

Worn Flange or Clamp

If your miter saw has a  worn flange or clamp, it can also contribute to blade wobble. You will need to replace the whole thing if you see any cracks in either one of them.

Bent Miter Saw Blade 

I have seen sometimes when a miter saw kickback it ends up getting the blade either warped or bent. This can also be the cause of your blade wobbling.

Ideally, you will want to replace a bent miter saw blade as soon as possible. If it has been warped up in some way then take extra care not to damage any teeth while removing it from the cutting surface. 

It is because they can break off and make things worse. This is why I recommend using a blade protector to keep your teeth from becoming damaged.

Warped washers of the Blade

Another common cause of blade wobble is when the washers on your miter saw come loose. To identify this, examine whether or not there are any visible gaps between each washer and if so then chances are they have been dislodged from their position on the blade’s shaft. 

You will want to remove them carefully with the blade protector and then re-install them back into position. Warped washers or loose ones are an easy fix for fixing wobble on a miter saw blade. 

Worn Out Plate 

The last common cause of blade wobble is when the plate on your miter saw becomes worn out. If you notice any cracks or broken sections in the metal, then chances are it may need to be replaced. This will not only give more stability but also reduce wobbly blades and create a much safer environment overall.

How to Fix a Wobbling Miter Saw Blade?

Now that you have learned about the main reasons that cause your miter saw blade to wobble. Let me show you some possible solutions that can help you get rid of the wobbling issue. 

Let’s see how to fix a wobbling miter saw blade yourself.

a miter saw blade wobbling due to multiple reasons

Solution 1: Replace Your Saw Bearings

The first solution is to replace the saw blade’s bearings with a new one. If you have noticed any friction in your blade, then this might be what’s causing it to wobble and they will need replacing in order for the blade not to wobble anymore.

Here is a step by step process on how to replace miter saw bearings:

  • Hold the blade using both hands and push it to one end of your miter saw. This will make sure that you don’t accidentally cut yourself with any teeth from the other side of the blade. 
  • Now, unscrew and remove each bolt on either side of the bearing cover plate until they are all removed. The bearings should be visible now so use a hammer or a mallet to knock them out and then replace them with new ones. 
  • Next, you need to reassemble everything as instructed earlier. And this is how you replace your bad bearings. 

If this solution does not work for you, try another one listed below.

Solution 2: Change your bushing

If your bearings are fine then you don’t need to replace them. The next method that can help you solve your problem is by changing your bushing. Changing a miter saw bushing isn’t that hard though. 

Here is how you can replace bushing on a miter saw:

  • Remove the bolts that are holding down your miter saw cover plate. 
  • Find a replacement bushing and place it on top of your old one. The new bushing should be as close to the original size as possible or else you might not get an accurate cut on some material like wood, plastic, etc. 
  • Replace all of the screws and make sure they’re tightened properly before operating again.

If this solution doesn’t work for you either then take off both side plates by unscrewing them from their respective sides with a screwdriver. Then remove the blade guard with a wrench and proceed according to instructions in Solution #I. 

If none of these solutions work for you go through another method listed below.

Solution 3: Replacing the Flange 

The flange is the little triangular piece of metal that attaches to your blade and slides up against the miter saw’s table. If you find yourself unable to unscrew it from its place, use a wrench or pliers for extra grip power. 

The method of replacing the Flange of a miter saw is exactly similar to replacing the bushings and bearings. 

Solution 4: Replacing the blade with a new one

If you have a warped blade on your miter saw then you need to replace it as soon as possible. In order to check whether your blade is warped or not you need to put it on a flat surface. 

Next place a ruler on top of the blade and see if it aligns perfectly with the blade or not. If there is a gap between the middle of the blade and the ruler then you should change it. 

I have already written a detailed guide on how to change a miter saw blade. If you need assistance you can read that article. 

Solution 5: Replace the wear plate

If the wobbles are coming from the base then this is likely the cause. In order to replace the wear plate, you will need to remove the screws on the base of your miter saw.

The wear plate is usually attached to a metal bracket that will be removed with these screws. After removing this, you can replace it and then use some new hardware in order to attach it again to the base. 

This should solve any wobbling issues as long as there was no damage to the wear plate.

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Final Words 

If you are using a miter saw for a while and notice your blade wobbling during the job you may ask yourself why does my miter saw blade wobble? If that is the case then I have got you covered with my detailed guide. 

As I said, there are a number of reasons behind a wobbling miter saw blade. But that doesn’t mean you should worry at all. 

All you have to do is read along and find out the reason behind your blade wobbling. And then find out how to fix it properly and avoid blade wobble next time.

If you are interested in this article then I encourage you to share with your friends and family. And if there is anything that confuses or interests you more please let me know by commenting below. 

Thank You for coming so far!

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