Why does my Miter Saw Kickback?

Why does my Miter Saw Kickback? I am sure you may have faced a horrible situation, and you must be looking for an answer to this question now.

Miter saw kickback happens for several different reasons. Sometimes, it happens because of using a wrong or dull blade. Sometimes, the workpiece isn’t held correctly against the fence.

However, your miter saw doesn’t need to be kicking back for the above two reasons. It depends on your situation and how you are using the saw. I have faced this issue, so I had to do a lot of research on it. 

Luckily I found some interesting facts which are going to help you. If you are interested in learning about them, then I highly recommend reading the whole article. 

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Why does my miter saw kickback?

  • Using Wrong or Dull Blade
  • Insufficient Blade Speed
  • Not Holding the Material Tight Against the Fence
  • Not Holding the Material Tight Against the Fence
  • Bad Bushing or Barrings
  • Incorrect Cutting Technique
  • Using Irregular shaped Board/workpiece
  • Releasing the Board Before the Blade Stops
  • The Saw Might Not Be Squared Perfectly
  • Material May Have Nails or Other Objects in It
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    What Is a Kickback on Miter Saw?

    Before we move on to the solution part I would like to explain the problem a little bit in detail. Since most beginners don’t have any idea of the tools therefore, I want them to know almost everything about it. 

    why does my miter saw kickback?
    Miter Saw can be quite dangerous tools if not used correctly

    Sometimes, when things go wrong the miter saw can throw the workpiece in random directions. This phenomenon is called a kickback. In simple words, a miter saw kickback is when the blade can’t cut the piece, and it recoils the piece.

    It can be extremely dangerous as the blade turns at an insanely faster speed. It can cause serious injuries sometimes therefore, you will need to double-check safety before working on any kind of project. 

    Now I hope you have a rough idea about the miter saw kickback. Let’s answer the question, “Why does my Miter Saw Kickback?” 

    Why Does My Miter Saw Kickback?

    Let’s see some of the leading causes due to which a miter saw kickback. I have added a complete solution at the end of this article to help you prevent such kinds of situations.

    Using Wrong or Dull Blade

    The first reason due to which your miter saw kickback is probably using the wrong blade. There are different types of blades for miter saws that allow you to complete certain tasks. However, a miter saw blade isn’t universal, and you can’t use a single blade for all types of boards and other materials.

    If you are using the wrong blade for cutting wood or metal or any other material, then there is a higher risk of kickback. Imagine cutting metal with a wood blade, and it shoots the piece at an insanely high speed at you. I would highly recommend using the right type of blade for the project. 

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    Sometimes you might be wondering if I am using the right blade, then why does my miter saw kickback? Well, using the right blade isn’t enough for the project. Your blade needs to be sharp to cut without any accident. 

    Insufficient Blade Speed 

    Another reason behind a kickback on a miter saw can be due to the insufficient speed on the blade. Normally, miter saw blades turn at a very fast rate. They can cut through anything in their way. However, sometimes, the blade may not be able to turn as fast as it needs to be. 

    This is the situation where most accidents occur. For instance, if your saw blade isn’t rotating at the required speed, then it will just bind into the workpiece, and as a result, it may kick back. 

    Not Holding the Material Tight Against the Fence

    Another reason your miter saw will often kickback is working on the loose material. Trust me, this is one of the major mistakes that most newbies make. Whenever you are working on something, and you haven’t secured it properly, then be prepared for Newton’s third law. 

    If you don’t secure the board tightly against the fence of the saw or the table, then you will experience kickbacks more likely. 

    Bad Bushing or Barring

    You may have only heard about the odd squeaking noise that a bad bearing or bushing produces. However, there are worse things than just annoying sounds that they can produce. A bad bearing or bushing can completely ruin your tool, and it may cause kickback issues. 

    It will also put unnecessary stress on your saw’s engine and may also cause wear and tear on the parts.

    Incorrect Cutting Technique 

    The incorrect technique also causes the miter saw to kickback. You need to understand how the tool works before you start working on different projects. You must understand the motion of the blade first. 

    When you push something towards the faster-rotating blade, it will try to throw it back at you. Sometimes you might be thinking, OK I have everything right then Why does my Miter Saw Kickback? However, the real problem can be the incorrect technique such as pulling the saw outwards (if it is a sliding miter saw). 

    Using Irregular Board/workpiece

    Cutting flat pieces of wood and other workpieces is easy. However, things get really difficult when working on irregular pieces. If you are working on something that isn’t in good geometrical shape, you will face kickbacks more often. 

    This is because irregular objects will cause vibrations. These vibrations will add to the speed of the blade and will cause a resonance phenomenon. Materials that aren’t flat will always cause kickback therefore, you need to secure them before working on them. 

    Releasing the Board Before the Blade Stops

    Another mistake that most beginners usually make is not letting the blade rest. Just as I mentioned earlier miter saw blade rotates at a very high speed. You need to be extremely careful when working with it because it won’t show mercy to anyone. 

    If you are not giving it the proper time to rest properly after cutting the subject, then it will cause kickback often. It is because whenever you cut something, the blade still has its inertia even after releasing the power button. 

    Therefore, if you do not let it stop completely, it will throw the piece at a much faster speed in a random direction. Under such conditions, you may sometimes lose your teeth, which can be extremely painful. 

    The Saw Might Not Be Squared Perfectly 

    Accuracy is not only important for the smoothness of the project. It is also quite crucial for safety as well. If your miter saw isn’t squared properly, it will cause wobbling and even kickbacks. Just putting the saw scale to zero doesn’t mean your saw is perfectly squared at all. 

    You must check it manually and ensure that everything is zeroed down before working on any project. Any wrong angle may cause the tool to vibrate vigorously and even cause a kickback. Next time, before thinking about why my miter saw kickback, you need to ensure the accuracy of the tool first. 

    Material May Have Nails or Other Objects in It

    This is an important issue, especially when you are reworking the wood pieces. Sometimes, they may have embedded nails and other material. When coming in contact with the saw blade, your miter saw may kick back. 

    This can be an extremely dangerous situation which doesn’t only put your saw at risk but also your life. You can easily chop your fingers and even carve your face like a Halloween pumpkin if you are not careful enough. Always make sure that the blade has a clear path and there isn’t anything in its way but only the cutting piece. 

    Sometimes Due to Personal Errors 

    Personal errors are sometimes the root cause of most of the problems. Sometimes due to lack of knowledge of even just carelessness can cause a lot of troubles. Therefore, if you are a beginner you should learn how to use the tool properly first. 

    You can master using it with the practice of course, but you need to ensure safety first. Sometimes a user work too fast which causes the miter saw to kickback. If you are not letting the blade stop properly after the cutting then it can shoot the piece in different directions. 

    Similarly, you will also face kickback issues if you are not taking the right and required safety measures while working on the project. 

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    Cutting Too Thick Material 

    If you are working with thicker material then you need to be extremely careful. I wouldn’t recommend cutting something beyond the capability of your miter saw and its blade. Most of the time when you are cutting too thick material the blade may not be able to cut through it. As a result, your saw will kickback.

    It also happens due to the thick kerf of the blade too. The thicker kerf on blades will produce enough friction which can overcome the weight of the board. Due to the excess amount of force the blade will be able to throw the workpiece in random directions. 

    How Do I Stop My Miter Saw from Kickback?

    I hope you got your answer to the question, why does my miter saw kickback. If yes then you might be thinking how do I stop my miter saw from kickback. Don’t worry at all because I am going to explain how you can prevent kickbacks on your miter saw. 

    If you have read the above-mentioned information you will have a solid idea of why does my miter saw kickback. Here are some of the main things you can do to avoid kickbacks on a miter saw. 

    Use the Right Blade

    The first thing you need to do in order to stop your miter saw from kickback is to use the right blade. Always choose the perfect blade that can do the job without any problem. It is always wise to do some research if you don’t know which blade to use for the project. 

    Miter saw can be a versatile tool meaning it can not only cut wood but also various metals.  However, the same blade will not work on all types of materials. Therefore, if you are working on wood consider using blades that are specifically for wood. Apart from that, never use wood blades for cutting Aluminum or any other metals. When selecting the miter saw blade, always pay attention to the kerf size, teeth, blade type, and size. It will help you minimize the risk of different problems and help you do the job perfectly. 

    Make Sure Your Blade Is Sharp 

    Also, make sure that the blade you are using for the project is in perfect condition. I wouldn’t recommend working with a dull blade. It will help you in cutting the pieces perfectly with an increased amount of accuracy. 

    It will also allow you to cut through different kinds of wood and metal without binding into it. Sharp blades, along with their faster speed, can cut through different things easily. This is why they help overcome the miter saw kickback. The same rule applies to every other saw as well. 

    Follow Correct Technique

    Another way to prevent kickbacks on miter saws is to follow the correct technique. As I already mentioned, all power tools are quite dangerous. If you don’t follow the right technique when using them, you will hurt yourself badly. 

    If you are using a compound miter saw, you need to pull the blade slowly and let it do its job. You shouldn’t rush things otherwise, it will throw the workpiece at you. In addition to this, always release the power button and let the blade stop entirely after making a cut. 

    It isn’t the best way to pull the piece right after making the cut. It is because as soon as you try to pull the blade back since it is already rotating, it can kickback. You should also be very careful when using a sliding compound miter saw. Most beginners try to pull the saw on the workpiece, which is completely wrong. 

    The correct way to use it is to pull the saw all the way forward and then push it backward.

    Hold the Workpiece Tightly Against the Fence

    No matter whether it is a short piece or a long one, I highly recommend using clamps. Clamps are the most effective tool, which will not only ensure the accuracy of the project, but it increases safety as well. 

    Whenever you are working on anything, just make sure you have clamped it against the fence. It will hold the piece and secure it perfectly so that even if your blade binds in it you won’t have any issue. You need to learn the proper use of clamps, too. 

    Make Sure the Board Is Flat 

    Next up, you need to make sure that the board that you are cutting is perfectly flat. I know you may be a little worried when you read this. You might be thinking, why do I need to use a flatboard only? Is my miter saw limited to flat objects only? 

    For your information, if you are working on something that isn’t flat then it will vibrate. This vibration can be extremely dangerous sometimes as it will not only hurt the saw but also cause kickbacks. 

    Even if your workpiece is not super irregular in shape and it only has a slight bend, it will still cause kickback issues. Therefore, I highly recommend using a jigsaw for such projects and then finishing the job with a miter saw. 

    Final Thoughts 

    I have tried my best to answer this simple question: “Why does my miter saw kickback?”. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. You may have a rough idea about why my miter saw kickback and how to overcome this issue. 

     Miter saws kickback due to several reasons, and you need to check every single one. Sometimes, it may kick back due to the incorrect blade, while sometimes, the dullness of the blade can cause trouble. 

    Apart from that, kickbacks also occur due to incorrectly operating the saw, and You may not be holding the workpiece firmly against the saw fence. 

    If there is something you want me to add to this article, please feel free to let me know in the comments. I would love to add it and give you the reference as well. My goal is to help people use their tools safely and finish their projects. 

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