How to Cut Wide Boards with Miter Saw (The Easy Way)

Let’s assume that you are sitting in front of a wide board and thinking about how to cut wide boards with miter saw. Well if that is the case or it is pretty much similar to the one that I just assumed then you are exactly in the right place. 

How to cut wide boards with miter saw

Miter saws can cut wide boards in two drives. They are not made for making cross cuts on wider boards. However, if you want to cut the board that wider then you will have to flip it onces you cut the half side. 

Well, I hope at least you got the answer to one of the most asked questions: can a miter saw cut wider boards. Yes, it definitely can do the job but you will have to be a little bit smart and follow the proper technique. 

Don’t worry because I am going to teach you exactly how to cut wide boards with miter saw. If you are interested then I suggest you keep reading. 

Choose Your Saw Carefully

Before you actually start cutting the wide board with your miter saw you should know something. Always make sure you have selected the right type of saw for the job. Normally people use table saws to cut through wider objects. 

It is because there are no handles or fences that will provide blockage to the workpiece. You can simply pull the board against the blade and it will rip through the piece without any problem at all.

However, if you want to cut it with a miter saw because it is easy to use then you will have to choose your saw carefully.

There are different sizes of miter saws and each one of them is used for completely different applications. Know that when I say the size of the miter saw it also means the blade size of the saw. 

Basically there are 7 ½ inch miter saws available on the market which are suitable for DIYers who love working on small projects.

Apart from that, there are 10 inch and 12 inch miter saws that will let you handle serious projects on the job site and in your workshop. 

Apart from that, miter saws can also be divided into single bevel, dual bevel, and sliding compound miter saws. The sliding miter saw is usually a bigger one and proves to be more helpful when it comes to handling different projects.

I highly recommend using the 10 inch or 12 inch blade and at least a sliding compound miter saw for the job. Apart from that, a decent wood cutting blade can help you do the job without any issue at all.

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Mark the Exact Length

After deciding the miter saw and its blade for the job the next thing to do is to make accurate marking. Every single project needs proper measurements because you will need to cut different pieces of the required size. 

Marking the exact location is quite crucial otherwise you will have to face the consequences. You can mark the piece with the help of a good speed square and a marking pencil or chalk.

I highly recommend using the pencil instead of chalk because it leaves a permanent mark.

Ensure Proper Safety  

After selecting the saw, a good saw blade and marking the piece right where you want to cut it. This next step is to ensure proper safety before starting to work on the project.

Trust me without safety no one should approach any power tool because they are extremely dangerous. 

Without following proper safety measures you may end up hurting yourself very badly. Here are a few things that can help you work with your miter saw without hurting yourself. 

Safety tips when working with a miter saw

1. Always make sure you are using the right type of blade for the job

2. Make sure your blade is sharp enough to complete the project easily

3. Make sure you are not wearing jewelry or any loose clothing

4. Never work with crossed hands

5. Keep your hands at an appropriate distance from the running blade

6. Make sure you use clamps to prevent kickback issues

7. Always make sure you are wearing proper safety gear which includes safety glasses, earplugs, a protective mask for dust, and working gloves.

Once you have ensured the proper safety then you can proceed to start working on the project. I hope you will be ready to start working now. I know you can’t wait to learn the actual way of how to cut wide boards with miter saw. 

Therefore, I won’t keep you waiting anymore. Let’s see how to cut wide boards with miter saw. 

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How to Cut Wide Boards With Miter Saw

Cutting wide boards with a miter saw might be easier than you think. However, you need to know the right technique in order to complete the task efficiently.

Don’t worry as I am going to teach you how to cut wide boards with miter saw without any issue at all. 

How to Cut Wide Boards with Miter Saw
Cutting wider woods with miter saw

Step 1 Put the workpiece on the table of your miter saw and clamp it if it is too bit

Step 2 Start your miter saw and let the blade reach full speed

Step 3 Descend the blade slowly and carefully, don’t push the tool beyond its limits. 

Step 4 Carefully cut one half of the workpiece. You don’t have to cut through it in one go. 

Step 5 Release the power button and let the blade rest completely 

Step 6 Remove the piece and tilt it on the other side

Step 7 Ensure accuracy and start following the same method.

Step 8 Release the wood. 

If you have followed the above technique then I am pretty sure you will have your cuts without any issue. 

Some Additional Tips 

Now that I have already mentioned a step by step method on how to cut wide boards with miter saw. I would like to give you a few more tips that can prove quite helpful during the project. 

Use a Stop Block 

Using a stop block is always a good idea whenever you are working on a woodworking project. You can make one even from scrap and use it for your projects. Stop blocks prove to be quite helpful in ensuring the accuracy of the overall project. 

However, you need to be careful while using a stop block because sometimes they may cause the blade to bind. You can clamp a stop block against the fence of the miter saw and ensure that you are cutting the wood correctly. 

Clamping or Nailing the Workpiece

If you want to ensure clarity during the work then you need to be very careful while working. Since wide boards are sometimes quite long therefore they will bend due to gravity. If you happen to work on a longer and wider board then I highly recommend nailing or clamping it. 

It is because whenever you secure the free end of the wood it will rest securely. Therefore, after making a successful cut the wood piece won’t fall and thus prevent chipping of the wood. This proves to be quite helpful in finishing the job with perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

How do you cut a wide board with a miter box?

A miter box may prove quite helpful for some projects like picture framing and stuff. However, I don’t recommend using a miter box for cutting a wide board. It is because the board size may be too large for the box to fit in. Therefore you can’t cut a wide board with a miter box. 

How wide of a board can a 12 inch sliding miter saw cut?

A 12 inch miter saw can easily cut through the 2×8 boards without any issue at all. You can even use it to cut bigger boards with proper technique however, sometimes you will need additional tools for finishing. It is because the width of the board may be too much.

Can you cut a 2×12 with a miter saw?

Yes, you can easily cut a 2×12 board with a 12 inch sliding miter saw by following the proper technique. However, a simple miter saw may not be able to cut through such wide boards. It is because they are quite limited and may not go through wider boards. 

How wide of wood can a 10 miter saw cut?

A 10 inch miter saw can cut 5 ½ inches wide board easily. However, that isn’t all as you can cut wider boards with it by following the proper technique. All you need to do is to be creative and you will be able to cut the board properly. 

Last Minute Thoughts 

If you want to learn how to cut wide boards with miter saw then you are in the right place. I have covered this topic in as much detail as I could. I have mentioned the best way to cut wider boards with a miter saw without any issue at all. 

I know cutting a wide board especially with the help of a miter saw is not an easy task. Therefore you need to follow a proper technique in order to finish the job correctly. 

You can cut wider boards by cutting one side of the board and flip it over to cut the other side.

If there is anything else you want me to add to make this article even more helpful please let me know in the comments. I highly appreciate your suggestions and making this article more helpful

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