How to Sharpen a Miter Saw Blade? (Latest Guide 2021)

how to sharpen a miter saw blade?

Sharpening a miter saw blade can be a lot helpful especially if you can do it all by yourself. This article provides appropriate guidance on how to sharpen a miter saw blade and minimize the risk of injuries from accidents and getting dust trapped in your lungs.

There are several methods of sharpening a miter saw’s blade but this article will focus on the easiest one to help you sharpen your blade without putting in too much effort and wasting too much of your precious time.

Consider these tips if you want to continue using your essential tool for many years without having any downtime due to ineffective tools.

However, before we continue to the guide on how to sharpen a miter saw blade, here are some required tools you need to have for this project.

Tools Required for Sharpening a Miter Saw Blade

Now, let us proceed to the guide below for how to sharpen a miter saw blade by using a Diamond Blade Sharpener.

The Guide on How to Sharpen a Miter Saw Blade 

Step 1: Preparation

preparation before sharpening the miter saw blade

It is important that you go through some tips first before getting down to work with your miter saw.  Make sure that you have your safety glasses on and secure them in place after you wear them.

In addition, don’t forget to put on your protective gloves so you won’t cut yourself accidentally when handling the blades. Also, wear your dust mask so you won’t inhale any tiny particles of metal when doing the job.

Step 2: Remove the Blade from the Saw

removing the blade from the saw first

First, you will need to detach the blade from the saw itself.  This will allow you to work on it easily. Once the blade is unplugged, make sure that you securely remove it by using your protective gloves and/or miter saw blade protector.

Step 3: Cleaning the Blade

The first step in sharpening a miter saw blade is cleaning it with a clean cloth or brush so as not to get dust trapped in its nooks and crannies. Make sure that every part of the blade gets cleaned until no dirt remains before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Lubricating It

You can apply some light oil on a paper towel so as to lubricate all parts of the miter saw blade

This helps in enhancing the lifespan of your blade and offering you longer service than before

Step 5: The Sharpening Process

sharpening the blade with a blade sharpening tool

The sharpening process involves using diamond stones to sharpen the blade until it gets its original shape back

Be sure that you are applying sufficient pressure as well as angle when you do this, so all parts of the miter saw blade will be evenly reshaped during this time.

Always remember to wear your safety glasses whenever doing this task so as not to injure yourself accidentally by getting dust trapped in your eyes or on your face.

In addition, make sure that there is no person near you especially those who are not wearing any protective gear for their own safety and yours!

Step 6 Clean Up

Finally, clean up any parts of your miter saw blade that has metal shavings or other debris from the sharpening process that have fallen off. 

You can use a dry cloth or brush and then wipe it to get rid of any remaining materials on your blade which may be hazardous for you to handle.

Step 7: Reassemble Everything

Once everything is cleaned up, put back the blade into its original place so as to make sure that everything is in perfect working order. Don’t forget to apply some light lubrication before putting on your protector again!

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind While Sharpening the Miter Saw Blade

  • Be sure not to breathe any metal shavings or particles in the air
  • Do not wear abrasive clothes when sharpening, keep it light and clean
  • Wear safety glasses whenever handling the blade
  • Never use your hands to hold the blade when sharpening, use a miter saw blade protector instead
  • Avoid getting dust in your eyes. Use a good quality protective mask whenever you do not have protective glasses

Once you have finished sharpening the blades of your miter saw, it is now time for you to put everything back and ensure that there are no loose parts before locking everything down!

Always remember these safety tips so as not to endanger yourself or any of those around you especially those who are not wearing any protective gear in case something goes wrong!

Not only will this help prolong the life of your tools but also make them more efficient in using and allow you greater productivity with less downtime.

Consider the following factors when sharpening a miter saw blade

The size of the diamond stone used in sharpening. The size of the diamond stone should be kept in proportion to that of the miter saw’s blade. You will use smaller stones for finer blades, and larger stones for rougher blades.

The angle at which you set your miter saw’s blade to sharpen it is very important not only because it can affect your work but also due to its impact on safety precautions.

As such, it is best if you keep the same angle as during initial installation so as not to put undue pressure on cutting edges or making them vulnerable to danger once they morph from their original angles

There are two ways in which you can sharpen the miter saw’s blade. The first one is to hold the blade between your hands and draw it repeatedly across the diamond stone until it gets back to its original shape.

The second way of sharpening a miter saw’s blade is by holding it on top or underneath where you will also place some sandpaper to ensure a smooth finish when polishing the blade.

The last step in sharpening a miter saw’s blade is polishing, using various grades of sandpaper, and drawing them consistently across the surface of the miter saw’s blades to ensure sharpness in all cutting edges.

You should polish with varying degrees of pressure and also after ensuring certain angles are achieved during each pass over diamond stones, especially for fine blades.

After polishing, the last step is to get rid of any grooves or scratches that are on your diamond stone by using a small steel brush kit.

You can also use rougher grade sandpaper for this purpose but ensure you have keen eyes while doing it in order to spot imperfections and only remove them after ensuring there are no rough edges remaining

There are other methods of sharpening a miter saw blade depending on the material used, but these two mentioned above are considered the most effective ways of restoring sharpness in an already dull blade without necessarily having to replace the whole equipment.

Final Words

Miter Saw Blade Sharpening is a part of regular maintenance and upkeep for this power tool because they don’t last forever. Make sure to take care of this handy tool now so that you avoid problems in the future!

The process of sharpening a miter saw blade is very simple and does not take long just like any of the other maintenance jobs you need to do.

Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to prolong the life span of your blades thereby eliminating repair costs for a longer period regardless of what brand or type they are.

Apart from this, proper care and maintenance can also help save money in the long run by preventing wasteful replacements that may require expensive servicing fees.

If you have enjoyed reading this article or have any questions in your mind please feel free to let me know in the comment section. I will try more than my best to guide you properly.

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