10 Different Types of Power Saws & Their Uses

If you want to create a rustic bench for your terrace, install a new sink, or carry out several odd jobs daily on your own, power saws will make your life simpler. You know, saws were discovered about a thousand years ago only to cut wood for crafting several sorts of furniture and cabinets with beautiful decorations on them.

Nowadays, there are no multitasking power saws out there. Because specific powers were to do specific tasks.

No worries, We’re here to notify you about the top ten specific types of power saws for DIYers. In this blog, we will teach you more about which powerful saw has a chance to get a place in your toolkit box. 

Without further ado, let’s get going.

Types of Power Saws and Their Uses 

A power saw is a must-have type of tool that comes with a sturdy chain, wire, or blade. These saws are powered by rechargeable, electrical, or gas engines to do the cuts. Power saws can be seen as either stationary or moveable tools.

If you intend to cut through tough materials like metal, stone, wood, or soft materials like plastic with ease, you can use it undoubtedly. However, it is now widely used today all over the world in every wood and metal manufacturing firm, construction site, and even as a DIY project.

So now you can learn a lot more about uses and which things to be considered before buying. 

1) Circular Saw 

10 Different Types of Power Saws & Their Uses (2)

A circular saw has sharp edges or an abrasive disc. Circular saw’s blade constantly rotates when it cuts and wipes out the materials just then. As a result, the craftsman usually advised performing angled, longitudinal, and crosscuts with a rotating blade at high precision. You can find an enclosed circular blade along with the machine.

The versatility of the other saws model, the circular saw, is one of them.  You can easily carry out your DIY  repair and even construction work (i.e. sawmills) with it. 

Usage of Circular Saw

  • To slice wood, plywood, lumber, and other soft materials, as well as difficult materials such as metal and masonry.
  • Tend to make bevel cuts to bind various blocks jointly.

2) Miter Saws 

A nice miter saw

A miter saw is a hand-held tool. On a workshop table for balance, A miter saw’s strong steel base, together with a steel back edge, aligned with the material to be cut.

Its blade is contained in a big disk that can be lifted and lowered and whirled from side to side to cut at almost any angle. It is generally used to create angled cuts but can also make more extremely complex cuts with its sibling, ‘the miter box.’ Miter saw ideal for DIY furniture projects, you can find this saw on the Amazon.

Usage of Miter Saw

  • To create precise crosscuts while shaping, fixing window frames, or even cutting sideways strips.
  • To install baseboard molding and window and door casings. 

3) Jigsaw 

A powerful jigsaw in action

Jigsaws are the versatile tools needed for any DIY project. Its handheld features a flat sole body and an internal engine, as well as a slider with tiny toothed blades connected with each other. It consists mostly of an electric motor powered by a battery or a wire.

You know It is simple to use and manage. As a result, this saw has to be placed in your home workshop or DIY furniture making and is useful for repairing tasks. Milwaukee M12 Cordless Jig Saw Kit can help you out with your DIY repairing works.

Usage of Jigsaw

  • To cut on certain materials such as plastic, ceramics, metal, and wood.
  • To manage a variety of difficult cuts such as curved, straight, plunge, and bevel cuts.

4) Reciprocating Saw 

Cutting lumber with a Reciprocating saw

Another portable option in our lineup is a reciprocating saw. It features a long body with a short, thin blade that reciprocates back and forth quickly. A Reciprocating saw is commonly used on construction sites to cut through wood beams, metal tubing, carbonated concrete, or plastic. It can also be used in demolition and renovation tasks.

However, if you use it, you will have a lot of control over the balance or cause the target surface to bend or break easily.   Be aware that its accuracy is inadequate for taking corrective actions.

Usage of Reciprocating Saw

  • To tear down tough materials.
  • To cut pipelines and timbers on construction sites.
  •  To harvest firewood. 

5) Band Saw 

A band saw in action

A band saw has a long continuous blade that rotates around and cuts through materials equally. The blade of this power saw is continually moving, and materials are cut by pushing through it. There are two wheels, one of which guides the blade band and the other of which operates and maintains the blade moving and controlling its speed. 

Portable band saws may work with wood, metal, and plastic. It can make precise straight and curved cuts, as well as some artistic work on metals or wood. However, you must use precaution when cutting through it.

Usage of Band Saw

  • Cutting materials like plastic and metal for factories, garages, and basements.                                                                                                                        
  • Split the wood that covers a larger diameter and waste less because of the smaller cut size.

6) Scroll Saw 

Working with a scroll saw

The scroll saw is the most accurate saw out there. It is defined depending on the sides of their neck, which indicates the distance between the blade and the targeted frame. It has a maximum blade thickness of 2 inches and works similarly to a jigsaw by rotating its needle-like blade through the material. 

Scroll saws, whether corded or cordless, are used to make precise internal cuts, forms, or designs in metal, wood, and other soft materials. This tool is commonly used by woodworkers. Since it allows your DIY projects to be more creative in a small amount of area.

Here is an amazing corded scroll saw that you can get for your garage. If you are interested in a cordless one then you can check this one.

Usage of Scroll Saw

  • For creative wood & material arts.
  • Internal Cut with high accuracy.  

7) Chop Saw 

chop saw

An abrasive disc blade is used in a chop saw. This is designed for cutting hard materials such as metal, brick, concrete, and masonry. Because they share the same fundamental design, with circular and miter saw. 

Most home workshops and garages use this saw to cut a 90-degree angle to the material on the base. It is basically used in the construction and metalworking sectors. 

We found an excellent chop saw on Amazon that will help you achieve your goals and be more creative. Be sure to check it out.

Usage of Chop Saw

  • For angle and bevel cuts
  •  Cutting and framing timber, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals. 

8) Chainsaw 


Chainsaws come in a wide range of sizes and are both electric and gas-powered. Its blade is basically a chain wrapped with a long metal frame and powered by small one-cylinder gasoline or electric engine.

From this saw, you can cut both horizontal and vertical level cuts easily. During a storm, this saw can swiftly chop through the trunks and branches of trees. It allows you to work swiftly if you wish to chop your garden trees and manufacture furniture out of them. It’s popular for DIY crafts and carpentry. 

Here we‘ve a suggestion you can look at once this MILWAUKEE Mini ChainSaw for your DIY gardening work.

Usage of Chain Saw

  • Trimming the branches of timber into different shapes.
  • Using for wildfire control
  • For harvesting Firewood.

9) Hack saw 

hack saw

A hacksaw is a multipurpose hand-powered, narrow saw. It has a U-shaped frame and one end handle. The hacksaw’s frames are adjustable to suit different blade sizes. It is available in both electric-powered corded and gas-powered cordless versions. It is the go-to tool for every professional hobbyist and DIYers. 

Usage of Hack Saw

  •  To cut metal pipes, rods and brackets, and even plastics.
  • Splitting plastic tubes and wooden dowels.

10) Pole saw 

Pole saw

A pole saw designs an extendable pole with a connected chain saw to manage its clutch on hand. With its long blade and a pole, You don’t need to climb while cutting your tree branches. 

It is one of the most useful tools for DIY garden works. Depending on your needs, pole saws can be powered electric, gas-powered, rechargeable, or manual.  On amazon, Greenworks cordless Pole saws are available that can make your garden lively.

Usage of Pole Saw

  •  Pruning and trimming the branches.

What do you consider before buying power saws?

Spending on power tools is an issue of need. If you can afford it, it is a tool that will last a long time. However, you should consider which factors you want for your task. You may be looking for power tools for your usage if you are working in workshops or as a freelance contractor.

So, what should you check for before purchasing a product? Let’s have a look at it. 

How often will you use the power saw?

Whether you work in a workshop or as a freelance contractor, you will need these tools on a regular basis. But if you only need these saws for your home workshop, you may use them after a few months. 

However, in our opinion, every home should have a hand saw and a miter box, which can help you with most home repairs and save your money. You could also use a pole saw, which is ideal for gardeners. When looking for furniture repair work, you may want a hacksaw or jigsaw.  

If you buy this device once, you may use it for more than 5/6 years or even more if you replace the blade when it rusts.

Machine Safety

Machine safety is a must-have factor to consider while investing in it. To ensure the safety of power saws, search for power tools with components such as-

  • shielded blades.
  • dust collecting systems.
  • a slow start option.

What’s your budget?

When it comes to purchasing power tools, the most obvious factor is budget. Because electric tools may be more expensive than hand-handled tools. However, the instruments are like investments because they are rarely purchased yearly.

So, you must always choose quality above budget. In general, you can purchase an excellent product at a reasonable price, but remember that getting the cheapest tool can be a terrible choice. 

Whenever the quality isn’t up to mark, thus it rusts fast, or the blade fails to function correctly even when used occasionally. Because of storing these tools for a long period of time, they will decay, get rusted, or tarnish.

So, what is the advantage of compromising quality for the sake of saving money?

Investing a little bit more in your power tools can help you in getting some of the safety measures mentioned in the installation’s condition book. 

Consider the trustworthy brand in the market

The tool industry is highly competitive, with new businesses entering the market all the time. As a result, we recommend seeking power tool brands that not only offer the greatest products but have also earned a solid reputation over the years.

Their customer service is up to the mark, and they have earned the confidence of many customers. Obviously, look for those that guarantee to improve the quality of their products and services year after year.   There are several brands that sell power tools but you can consider the MILWAUKEE brand. Because they gain the trust of their customers over a long period of time.

Talk with professionals and what are others saying about the tool 

Typically, when you decide to get power tools. First, you determine which saw you require, and then you check for brands, quality, and price. Following that, you should check online reviews, chat with users with your neighbor, or speak with contractors. 

They can provide you with superior product selections and recommendations. The more informed you are, the better your decision will be.

Buy from a local store 

After picking a brand and calculating your budget, we recommend that you visit your local market to clearly identify the products and speak with buyers about their usage and budget. Or you’ll check out the online platforms. 

Though you will be able to purchase the items from Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s there will be no way to inspect them before purchasing.

You also can contact our local Vermont tool company, a well-known retailing brand that provides you with the greatest products out there. Here you can find a wide range of power saws with safety measures instructions.  


Well, you can totally perceive which stuff to be considered before spending on power tools. As a DIYer, you only need to invest in a top-shelf of power tools. As well as, It can save your time and effort just by pressing a button or squeezing a trigger. 

Because you’re not tradies or running any workshops that you need to be serious and a wide range of stuff. Above our listed power tools are worthwhile to invest in. You want to put your grip on the right track, so visit our local retailing company and get the best product at the best prices.

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